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The first financial service aggregator site, kickstarting as a leveraged yield farming protocol on the BNBChain

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2 min readMar 16, 2022


Throughout recent years, there has been an outstanding development of financial services leveraged by blockchain technology. Bringing diverse investment opportunities to people around the world.

This is of course a great feat and something we should keep encouraging. But, there are yet a lot of different services from the traditional financial system that urge to be adopted by the crypto world.

Unfortunately, all of these different apps can become a bit overwhelming. Keeping track of all of them quickly feels too complicated and simplicity becomes a scarce resource. That is why at Baker Finance we understand that unifying multiple financial services spread across the ever-growing crypto ecosystem is a must.

So, we decided to create the first financial service aggregator platform where we’ll focus on bringing together every investing tool out there into one simple and easy-to-use site.

Multiple financial services in the same place.

Baker Finance will be offering multiple financial products, all on the same platform. Our users can choose what are suitable ways for them to participate in.

Starting Line

To start with, we are merging two of the biggest tools within the market, Yield Farming, Leverage Trading as well as Borrow & Supplies, into what is called “Leverage Yield Farming”.

Leverage Yield Farming offers borrowers under collateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, vastly multiplying their farming principles and resulting profits.‌

Check out our docs for a deep dive into what this means, how it works, and a nifty guide to help newcomers get safe & stable yields ➡️ https://app.gitbook.com/s/ailO9cb6Hee7IEdDz7ZX/leveraged-yield-farming/leveraged-yield-farming

Growing Together

Finally, we understand the nature of inclusion brought by the decentralized world that was born thanks to blockchain technology.

We strive to include our community by creating means for users to earn together with the growth of the platform, becoming one big financial ever-growing ecosystem.

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Baker Finance

The first financial service aggregator site, kick-starting as a leveraged yield farming protocol