Baker Finance Roadmap

Find out all the milestones we plan to achieve in the short, mid, and long term

Baker Finance
2 min readJun 27, 2022


Baker Finance is built to be a complete suite of financial tools connected to the DeFi ecosystem, offering multiple investment opportunities for every kind of need and risk profile.

Kickstarting as a leveraged yield farming protocol, Baker will offer vaults of the most attractive tokens for users to level up their yield farming position. And shortly after the official launch of the platform, more developments will be deployed on a monthly basis.

By deploying new and innovative financial products, we aim to attract new users, increasing our TVL and the revenue of the protocol that will be distributed among the $BKR holders.

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Cross-Chain expansions

Every successful DeFi protocol must operate in multiple chains, offering opportunities for users all over the DeFi landscape. This is another step towards our goal of achieving massive adoption.

Every expansion into a new chain won’t have new fundraising, and the $BKR supply will not be increased → No more $BKR tokens will be minted after our official BNB Chain launch

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Baker Finance

The first financial service aggregator site, kick-starting as a leveraged yield farming protocol