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Baker Finance
2 min readJul 21, 2022


Baker Finance is built to be a complete suite of financial tools connected to the DeFi ecosystem, offering multiple investment opportunities for every kind of need and risk profile.

When we hear that there is a new DeFi protocol launching, it’s common to associate it with an ICO (Inital Coin Offering), a presale with a token launch. But this is not the case.

Baker Finance protocol can work perfectly well without the need of having a token. And due to the current market situation, we have decided to offer some of our financial tools without launching the $BKR token.

What to expect at the official launch?

The platform will be live and fully operational for any user in any part of the world. Supporting the most used crypto wallets like Metamask, any individual will access to internet will be able to enjoy staking with leveraged and more upcoming financial tools.

Kickstarting as a leveraged yield farming protocol, Baker will offer vaults of the most attractive tokens for users to level up their yield farming position. And shortly after the official launch of the platform, more developments will be built.

General details about the launch

  • The date of the launch is October 1st, 20.00 UTC.
  • There is no native token of the protocol.
  • The first tool will be leveraged yield farming.
  • The access link will be
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount required to invest in the platform.
  • The protocol is fully audited by DeFi Shield.

If you are interested in the crypto industry and want to maximize the benefits by using a wide variety of financial tools, Baker Finance is the place to be.

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Baker Finance

The first financial service aggregator site, kick-starting as a leveraged yield farming protocol